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These pages are provided to give out information and possibly some samples of the work and productions of Reverie Design. All text, HTML code, illustrations, and logos on these pages are copyrighted to Reverie Design or their respective creators. All views and beliefs expressed in the homepages, illustrations, logos etc. are those of the respective people for whom Reverie Design has worked for, so please turn to them for discussions. Even though Reverie Design does design homepages, illustrations, logos etc. do not assume we share any opinions reflected in them, because you would most likely be wrong.

It is also necessary to point out that we will not be including pentagrams, inverted crosses, and/or similar material to our work. Reverie Design doesn't want to be affiliated with such things so if someone should want that sort of stuff included we ask him to turn to other designers or add it to the finished image himself.

When it comes to images, all of them will mainly be utilized and distributed in JPEG format. We can use other formats like BMP, IFF, PCX, PNG and TIFF too if desired, but we will not use images in GIF format on homepages or their illustrations since RD does not support the payment demands GIF has.

Copyright Reverie Design 1998-2001. All rights reserved.